Coconut Water Just May Turn Your Frown Upside Down Into A Better Lifestyle!

Posted By FoodKrazy under Dieting
— August 6, 2015
Along with the delicious taste, we have heard many great things including healthier living when it comes to drinking coconut water. Below is a user submitted review on how their life has benefited by switching to the coconut taste... check it out!
So this past week or so I have felt like shit. Every time that I would eat my stomach would feel like shit and last week I even threw up about 30 minutes after eating. I have also been fatigued and my skin has been dry as fuck. I've used more carmex in the past week than I have in two months. It took me downing two big ass jugs of water and cramping up last night at work for me to realize that I was dehydrated. Then I got confused because I had spent five days and nights last month in the backwoods of hot ass Tennessee last month and didn't feel half as bad as I had this past week. Then I remembered that I had stayed stocked up on coconut water while I was at Bonnaroo.

I drank one about a half an hour ago and I already feel so much better. Now I have to go and restock up on some coconut water.
Give it a try!
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